Casengo Branding & Website

Casengo website

I was the sole maintainer of the website during my time with the company. I was responsible for keeping the blog and website updated, creating images, designs and layouts for new pages, maintaining website security, and building required functionality.

The website was built on top of Wordpress and styled with SASS. I spent most of my time updating the styles, content, and even building new back-end functionality in PHP.

Casengo UI kit

I spearheaded a project to refresh the entire website, replacing Wordpress with a more streamlined CMS and updating the entire brand of the company with a much more modern look.

Casengo Application

Casengo application

During my time spent at Casengo I worked with a small team of developers on the Casengo customer service application. Using agile and scrum methodologies we delegated tasks to each other, iterating quickly and failing fast.

Casengo application

I mainly worked on the UI and UX design of the application – building wireframes and flow diagrams – and on coding the user interface. The application was build using angular.js and styles using SASS.

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