Triggi is an online service that makes your devices, apps and services work together. It lets you define simple rules that tell your devices to do things when certain conditions are met.

UI kit

During my time at TouchTribe I was given the opportunity to assist the Triggi team in building their iOS and Android applications, along with their website.

Together we chose to use Google's Polymer library to build the UI of the application. This meant that the components could be used in both the mobile application and the web, and they could also be updated and maintained separately to the main application core.

Connect Devices and Channels

Connect a device

Arguably the most important screen when onboarding new users, the channel connect screen needed to be as simple to use as possible. Working with the design team I constructed a number of large, friendly elements for use on these pages in the app and on the website.

Device connected

Create and Edit Triggs

Create a trigg

These pages are filled with easy to understand, yet complex to construct, elements. The metro lines in particular make the page simple to use but were a technical challenge to construct in a modular way.

Edit device conditions The Triggi team

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